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KTW FM 96.5 Dedicatory Program Sunday June 5th At 2pm Will Honor God and Country By Recounting the Invasion Of France on D Day June 6, 1944.

KTW is affiliated with The American Christian Network and is the flagship affiliate for The Liberty Broadcasting System.

The Music Makers Are On KTW Saturdays at 7pm

Learn more about Tom Read's involvement in Expo 74 by clicking below.

Expo 74 At 40

Melinda Read of KTW visits with Radio Deluxe host, John Pizzarelli after his on stage performance.  John and his wife, Jessica Molaskey host a jazz and popular music program on KTW 630 AM each Saturday at 8pm following the popular "Records With Read" featuring The Music Makers of the 40s, 50s, and 60s, hosted by Tom Read.


Special Weekend Programs:

  • The Sheriff's Report with Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich 
  • David Taylor
  • Back to Better Health with Dr. Mark Houk
  • The Forum with Martin W Howser
  • It Seems To Me with Tom Read
  • The Music Makers on Records With Read
  • The Steven Maggi Show
  • The RIGHT Spokane Perspective - Mike Fagan and Tim Benn

Let's Do Lunch Daily at 12:30pm:

  Mondays:  David Taylor
  Tuesdays: Health and Wellness News
  Wednesdays: Safe Money
  Thursdays:  Health Line
  Fridays:  It Seems To Me

More locally produced programs than all the other Spokane stations combined. 

Visit our network website, and click on the audio archives tab which has the audio of local programs and events aired on KTW.

Email KTW for a Complete Program Schedule at:

The RIGHT Spokane Perspective

Spokane's most informative program that showcases the issues that impact you and educates you on what's happening in local government.  It's opinion, fact, informative and YOUR Alert system.

Join in this search for what is right, thoughtful and thought provoking every weekday morning at 9am. The host, Mike Fagan - who've been referred to as activists, curmudgeons and other endearing terms, but never shy and retiring, will inspire you to think about the issues, and more importantly will EXPECT you to get involved, but they WON'T expect you to agree with them all of the time.  Weekdays at 9am.


 Liberty Broadcasting System

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